Peter J. Gerger Jr. (President) participated in his first organ buildng project at the age of 15. He contiued learning the intricate craftsmanship of his predessors while completing a Masters degree. The company incorpated in 1987 and appointed him president of Jacod Gerger & Sons Inc. He has establised a team of professionals whose training includes such prestigous instiutions as the Curtis Institute and the Julliard School.

Peter J. Gerger Sr. (1920-2003) began learning the intricacies of the art of organ building from his father, Jacob, at the age of 12. After serving aboard the Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV 42) during World War II, he returned to civilian life and became a partner with his father in the firm of Jacob Gerger & Son. He moved the organ workshop to its present location in Bucks County and through his tireless efforts increased the company's orders and established an organ maintenance service to serve Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

Jacob Gerger (1893-1976) was 14 when he began building pipe organs in Philadelphia in 1907. During his 66 year career he established working relationships with Bernard Mudler, Matthias Moller, Charles E. Durner, George Kilgen and Hermann Schlicker. He built tracker action instruments as well tubular pneumatic slider windchest, electro-pneumatic slider windchest, electro-pneumatic pitman windchest and electro-mechanical windchest instruments. His extensive experience in all phases of organ building set a firm foundation from which to establish an organ building tradition.